• DM Number of Actuators: 468
  • WFS Scheme: Pyramid (PWFS)
  • AO FoV: 1 arcmin
  • WFS Detector: EMCCD
  • Loop Frequency: max. 1 kHz
  • Loop Time Lag: max 0.25ms
  • Number of Corrected Modes:
    Adapted to the Seeing and NGS
    Magnitude (Flexible AO Concept)
  • Control: Classical, Integrator at
    First Light, to be Upgraded
  • Survival Temperature: -20o - +35o
  • Operating Temperature: -15o - +15o - Near Infrared Science Camera FoV:
    10” to app. 30” with Zoom Optics
  • Near Infrared Filters: Y,J,H,K, with Room for other Narrow Band